Dongbang Needles 15% off bulk

  • We source and supply premium quality products that are environmentally conscious.
  • We have lower environmental impacts and lower waste production than other supply companies.
  • We donate a percentage of every acupuncture needle sold directly to The Seabin Project.
  • Our bottom line – nearly every other industry is reducing their plastic waste footprint, why shouldn’t we?

Best Selling Products

$4.50$6.50 excl. GST

For The Practitioner

Pure Magnesium Bath Flakes

$22.00 excl. GST
$0.00 excl. GST
$19.95 excl. GST
$16.50 excl. GST

Formula Powders

Xiao Chai Hu Tang

$41.90 excl. GST
$33.90$121.90 excl. GST