The Acu Company is a bespoke acupuncture equipment and supply company based in the Byron Bay Shire.

We source and supply premium quality products direct from trusted manufacturers worldwide.

We take pride and additional care in sourcing our products whilst also providing our customers with solutions that have lower environmental impacts and lower waste production than other supply companies.

Our mission

As health professionals who work and live within the health industry, we felt it was time for change within an outdated system. We were not happy with the amount of waste generated throughout our daily practice, and we admit that we are a part of the problem, as these practices are considered the norm within the industry.

Our mission and responsibility is to reshape our industry’s single-use plastic waste environmental impact. We are endeavouring to change our industry’s acupuncture needle selection to a brand that instantly reduces plastic waste roughly by 90% compared to traditional brands.

To further promote our desire to do better, we have teamed up with The Seabin Project to help clean up plastic waste all over the world!

We pledge to donate a percentage of each sale directly towards building more and more seabins. Not only will we be reducing our personal impact, we will also be contributing to cleaning up our history.

We are proud to be a part of positive change, this is step one for The Acu Company.

We can make an enormous difference together, effortlessly.

A look at the numbers

The Acu Co.

Other Supply Companies

Through The Acu Co. donations we have directly helped Seabin Project to