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Seabin Project

Why we decided to donate to Seabin Project?

A Seabin is designed to collect plastic waste and other waste materials such as oil from our oceans across the world. Simply put, it is a bin for the sea.

We have seen first hand the plastic waste acupuncture needles create day to day. It is enormous. We believe in reversing environmental trends and protecting biodiversity.

Whilst we attempt to reduce our own industries plastic waste footprint, we felt we had a key moment to not only reduce our industry’s personal impact, but also contribute to cleaning up our history.

How do we donate to Seabin Project?

We donate a percentage of every acupuncture needle sale directly to Seabin Project. If we as a company and industry can contribute in a small way to build more sea bins effortlessly to help collect plastic waste worldwide, whilst reducing our own industry’s plastic waste footprint, we feel we have a chance of making a huge difference.

Let us help Seabin Project reach their mission – to live in a world without the need for sea bins. Simple right?

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