Reduce | Offset | Recycle

We have dreamed up the first recycling program, industry specific, for all who utilise acupuncture needles as tools in their treatments.

  • Why

    We know not all our needle waste makes it to be recycled or repurposed in Australia when disposed of in a clinical setting. The plastic waste created can be 100% recycled by us. While we are at it we will continue to remove 1.2kg of plastic waste and debris from our oceans through the Sea Bin Project for every box sold.

  • How

    If you are an Acu Company customer this service is 100% paid for by The Acu Company.

    If you purchase needles from another supplier that is okay, you can still participate by purchasing a recycling pass for $19.95 and we will take care of your plastic needle waste for you with the rest of the industry’s waste.

  • Ordering

    Place your usual needle order, and simply add the Return & Earn product to your cart. We send your needles / other supplies and a postage paid bag for you to collect all waste associated with your needles.

  • What We Do

    We receive your plastic waste, separate types of plastic, and then send waste off in a bulk amount to a paid recycling company to be recycled. We will be posting videos of this process for the industry to view.

  • Return & Earn

    Every equivalent value of 20 boxes of full priced needles purchased through The Acu Company, accompanied by participation in sending your plastic waste back to us, earns you a free box of needles with your next order.

  • Terms & Conditions
    • No time limits to accrue equivalent full priced 20 boxes of needles.
    • Free box will be sent out with next order placed.
    • Must be returning waste to receive free box.